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Old frames from thrift store make  for great upcyclingframe decor

When I started my handmade business I made it a routine to visit a thrift store certain amount of time per week. You never know when you can find the hidden treasure you are really looking for. I usually look for specific things, trying to train my eye to catch only the stuff that really worth my time or money. I found that nicely shaped, uniquely textured wall frames works very good for upcycling. The main thing is to find somewhat matching ones that look great together as a set while they can be at the same time absolutely different in colour or material they are made from.

I wish a had a before picture of the set i painted once but I wasn’t thinking at the time because usually I paint then think that I perhaps should of shot it first. Here is “the after”picture though. wall decor frames

All of those frames were discovered in the different times and after 3 to 4 visits to the Goodwill. All of them are made from metal and they all have beautiful ornamental features. Luckily I even found rear metal easel that made the set very unique and they look awesome together, don’t you think?

chalk painted easel

All it took was some chalk paint in blue & white and that is pretty much it.  Frames like these make a great decor for any room. I think thrift stores are the cool places where you can use your imagination to the fullest.

Frames also working good to make so popular chalk boards, I made several of them so far and they always sold fast.

frame chalk board

Thrift store frames make also stylish wall decor, don’t even have to insert images or paintings inside, which is the best part of the “used” store frames.

thrift store frame

So, here is the summery of what I learned and what was useful for my handmade business:

  1. Make a schedule how many times per week you are going to visit your local thrift store, pick 2-3 different ones, that are closer to you.
  2. Pick specific time and day to shop – some stores have more new stuff arriving on a certain day of the week.
  3. Have a list of what you are hunting for – some things more popular than the other in home decor trends.
  4. Think “Sets” – those sell better than one piece of anything, – like frame set for ex.
  5. Stay focused 🙂
  6. Pick trending colours when upcycling.
  7. Have fun!

Would like to know your tips about thrift store shopping? Please share below, would like to chat 🙂

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