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I love greenery. More even I love succulents. They are so tough, easy to care, easy to grow, – just what I need. They can be all kinds of forms and colours. And I even think they are… vintage. If they were a style. You know what I mean? Anyway, when spring has came I thought I should make some cute pots for my future succulent garden.
I do have those guys in my yard and they are awesome. Have a look:

So I bought simple ceramic pots, you can find them even in a dollar store for cheap, grabbed my brush and chalk paint and got this:

DSC03860 DSC03862

This one is my favourite, smallest and cutest and I love nests.

DSC03863 DSC03865

In case you are wondering how I did the printing: stamps and permanent ink. On top is a water based acrylic sealer. I don’t think wax will work – dirt and dust you know… I will show them to you again once the succulents arrive. For now I just planted some bulbs. Hope you got inspired and perhaps will get yourself some pots to decorate. <3

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