“Singer” sewing machine table gets new look

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How I transformed the old “singer” sewing machine table.

This was another great find. Cheap & old sewing machine table… Once I saw it I had a plan for it. Here is what we are talking about:

sewing machine table before$after

Table was missing the sewing machine (which I didn’t need anyway) and some other parts like the big wheel underneath.   So I removed extra part in the middle as you can see from the picture. This made the table lighter and it looked neat after. Also I had to remove old varnish because it was chipping. It was an easy and fast job surprisingly. I just scraped the varnish away.

singer table redo

With the drawers I didn’t even bother to take the varnish off, I just took off the layer of veneer (don’t mind my sun-tea). I used chisel to lift up the edge of it =>

venner remover

After that I removed top part from the iron stand and spray-painted it with the Rustoleum “Hammered antique pewter”.

singer table stand

It looked great already 🙂 Then it was time to straighten up the wooden top. I wanted it to have a lot of useful storage space, so my plan was to build a nice box inside and under the lid. Some wood planks, saw, nails, husband and some sort of the thinnest plywood for the bottom part of the box were required. I had to remove side drawer boxes to nail thing together. Lots of disassembling, that’s for sure.

sewing table makover

When the box was in, I painted the whole thing with the chalk paint.

sewing machine storage

After some work the rewarding results were coming along: singer table makeover DSC04423 DSC04425 DSC04426

I replaced the original handles with the home depot ones. Sprayed them the same colour as the stand. Also I lined up the storage box with the burlap, I will show you the technique I use to do this in the other post. It is very easy and fast method. The finishing product I used for this table needs its own  post as well, so keep in touch, please <3

DSC04427 DSC04428 DSC04431 DSC04432

That is one stylish table I might say 🙂 Thank you for reading, please leave your thoughts and feedback below, I will be happy to communicate.

Singer table redo


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