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How to pick wall colour for your house.

house wall paints

After certain research I decided to go with the Sherwin-Williams paints for my home. So popular right now, so I couldn’t resist to try. So this post is not about the paint itself but about how I decided on colours for my house. There are so many choices if you want to go with SW, it’s absolutely overwhelming and confusing. First thoughts are like: “I want this colour… and this.. and this.. so every single room should be differently painted…. and don’t forget the accent wall for each corner… because I WANT THEM ALL :)”. I even made a trip to the SW store and felt pity I didn’t have a grain sack to carry all the sample cards I grabbed… I even accidentally stole the “store copy” brochure, – I was so excited.

paint colour pick

So to make my choice easier I visited SW site, pinterest and some blogs that are focused on decorating and style. I picked the colours I loved the most, so about 20. SW site helped me to understand the specific colours more and also to figure what colours belong to the same family or group which made it way easier to sift away the colours that were very similar to each other. On pinterest you can also find the interiors painted with the certain colour, and this helps to visualize how the paint will look on the wall. After I’ve done that I had only 10 colours to pick from. I repeated the procedure and I’ve got perfect combo for my house. So it means 5 thoroughly picked awesome colours.

They are:

  1. “Extra white” for trim and some doors.
  2. “Oyster bay” for some doors.
  3. “Sea salt” for washrooms.
  4. “On the rocks” for living room, kitchen, basement and my son’s room (I might go with different colour for son’s bdroom though, I am thinking about “worldly gray” or “repose gray”).
  5. “Alabaster” for master bedroom and girl’s room.

Here is the picture for you (even it is hard to tell the exact colour through the screen):

house palette SW

To understand how the colours really look you have to go to the Pinterest and search the name of the paint, there will be tons of rooms that were painted with it. Or you can go to Here and virtually paint the room the way you want. So for example “Sea salt” will look like this:

Sherwin williams paint

Isn’t it cool?

I still love lots of other colours from the Sherwin-Williams, but you can use only so much on one house. After all research I’ve done I made the colour cards with the most popular and most beautiful combinations that can be used while decorating your home:

Whites and light colours: pick wall colour

Best green-gray-blues:

green gray blue

Best gray-baige:

graige colours

And accent colours for above palettes:

accents wall paint

Random colours that are beyond soothing and beautiful:

colour pallet house

Thanks for reading, I hope you will find it helpful if you painting your house any time soon.

Take care 🙂

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