How to make barn wood


Did you know you can make your own barn wood, – no need of painful search for old sheds. I will show you the fastest and easiest way. I used it to make the backdrop for photos. It looks great and makes beautiful background for your handmade things to be pictured on.

You will need:
  1. Cedar planks, pick the “ugliest” ones with chips and holes.
  2. Dark wood stain.
  3. White and blue chalk paint (can be any paint you have).
  4. Two small skinny planks to attach wood pieces together 1 x 0,5 inch.
  5. Screws and screw driver or drill.
Depending on the size of the backdrop you want pick your planks in the local hardware store. Cut them in needed amount of planks.
Then stain both sides and the visible edges of the future product with the old sock or something like that. Don’t forget rubber gloves to keep your hands clean. When stain is dry apply paint roughly with a brush , don’t pursue the accuracy here. Make sure you leave the stain peeking through, especially on the edges. Look the picture below. This way you won’t need to sand it later, which cuts the amount of  time you use.
Now do the same but  with different colour on the other side of the planks.I used duck egg blue and old white. After the paint is dry attach boards together with 1×0,5 in planks. See the pictures below. I found screws that were bluish in colour, probably some anti-rust coating, and that was lucky 🙂
barn wood
You can play with the colours and patterns, I liked mine as it was. Plus you can use both sides. You can do all blue side and all white side as well.
All done! Hope you like it. Let me know what you think below…

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