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We’ve moved. I really wish I could blog every day, but it was time consuming two weeks and we are finally here. I have lots of projects and plans. This is the house I was dreaming about for quite some time. Lots of space and a huge yard. Feel really happy and at the same time overwhelming. Was busy making plans for how we want to renovate it, what will be the style and look. I spent only about two days picking colours for the whole house. Hope I will be able to capture all of the action on reno and styling. Lots of DIY and decorating. I am so excited to finally have the opportunity to bring to life all my designing dreams. Isn’t it the great way to express your inner self through designing your own cozy place where you spend so much time of your life…

house makeoverThis is the house I am going to transform inside and out. What I am trying to do is to renovate it the best way we can and at the same time don’t go crazy on spending. So the plan is to search for the best deals on materials that would fit my design and style ideas + to do it as much as possible with our own hands. I am going for a french country style, where vintage and modern will go together. See what we can do 🙂 Very excited and ready to do this house makeover and the awesome flip.

Some “BEFORE” photoes from inside {realtor pictures}:

house flip house makover staircase renovation bedroom renovation house transformation french country e4011218-single-family-gujiej-l house redo So, what do you think. Are you with me? I will share my best tips, ideas, DIY tutorials and most likely will do the video blogging on this huge project of mine. Also there will be product & materials reviews, how-to{s} and where-to{s}.

My tools for the next 12 months 🙂

house reno flip

Next post will be about paint & colour selection for the house and how I did it.



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